I drive long distances to get to a destination and then explore the waves and coast at these locations. However, just like many surfers and fishermen would find themselves thinking, I’m forever dreaming about the thousands of kilometres of coastline we have here that are simply unreachable via car. These are the places I want to camp at and explore, along with a desire to live off the sea for as long as I can.

The coastline, just north-west of Carnarvon, is a stretch of coast that many tourists visit, but not many explore. It’s very rugged, with no water supplies, so once you’re where the desert meets the ocean, you need to have all of the food, water, fuel and recovery gear required to get out of any tough situations.


This is my tenth year up to this amazing surfing and fishing destination, yet I’m forever discovering new waves and untouched beaches.

We all take something special away from each camping experience, and personally, I hope mine are forever changing and evolving. I find that on these journeys, to disconnect from the fast paced world we’re all used to, it takes several days to completely switch off and be at peace with where you are. There are always going to be little work or general life issues nagging you at the back of your mind, but the sooner you can put them on hold, the better off you will be.


There are two styles of camping I love: complete solitude in unmarked camping spots with no one else around and camp spots like in these images. I find it’s not in everyone to be able to just grab a swag, drive out to the middle of Australia with no one around and roll out your bed. Not only amazing, these adventures also hit home how very small and insignificant we are. The camp spot above is my second home. I love the like-minded youth and old-time surfers who venture up to these locations for up to six months at a time. A home away from home so to speak.


Camp spots like these litter the coastline and most locations have their regulars, who each and every year, pack up their homes and venture north or south to get back to nature. A real community feel is created amongst the regulars. We found ourselves wandering down the hill in the darkness to join in on fires stoked by the new friends we’d met earlier that day. The following evening they would join us and our campfire, sharing in the fish we caught. It’s amazing sitting around a fire with someone who’s been frequenting a spot for 30+ years and listening to their wealth of knowledge and countless stories. Everyone living simply and sharing stories, there’s nothing better.

Salty Davenport.

Salty Davenport

Salty is an internationally acclaimed photographer who’s passionate about his constant search for new personal and photographical challenges. His work is widely renowned for pushing the limits and blurring the lines of lifestyle and adventure photography. You can keep up with Salty’s latest work at www.saltydavenport.com and on Instagram and Facebook.

Caleb Davenport

Caleb Davenport’s goal is to explore the raw and rugged Australian landscapes, capturing the uniqueness of the land we live in whilst raising awareness to its fragility.

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